Top 5 Best RC Boat under $100 – Reviews in 2024

You don’t need to spend much money to get the best RC Boat. Even with a budget of under $100, you can get an RC boat that will deliver a fantastic performance.

The only problem is that for under $100, you will get all kinds of RC boats. If you don’t have prior experience in choosing RC boats, it will be difficult to identify the best boat. 

But this shouldn’t be your worry anymore. In this article, we will share with you the top 5 Best RC Boat under $100. But before we do that, here is our top pick.

Best RC Boat Under $100 Comparison

Top 5 Best RC Boat Under $100

#1. Udirc Venom

Venom is a perfect gift for kids with prior experience in using RC boats. It comes with high performance that beginners will find difficult to operate. Best remote control boats from Udirc are the most popular choice among different generations because of the customizable experience offered by these products.

This is the finest RC boat from the house of UDIRC that can blow you out with advanced and most impressive features for boat racing. Just take part in the boat racing at 25km/h speed of the boat.

Anti-tilt rugged ABS hull and the single prop water-cooled motor in 370-size are just the right combinations of affordability, speed and style as well. In appearance, this looks stunning and attractive.

Smart low battery alarm may allow you to know that your boat is almost out of charge, and you will get the idea when you are ready to shore with it.

Key Features

  • Amazing features
  • High speed of up to 25 km/h
  • Low battery alarm

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#2. Gizmovine H102

The GizmoVine is one of the best RC boats you will find in the market. It comes with a 2.4 GHz controller that will support multiple RC boats at the same time. This makes it a perfect choice for racing.

One thing you will love about this boat is its self-righting Hull that corrects the boat in an instance where it starts capsizing and get the boat back to the thrill.

You will also get an auto safety mode that ensures the boat is turned on when inside the water. As a result, it becomes a safe toy for children of all ages. You won’t have to worry about any harm that would be caused by the child as they play.

Another amazing feature you will love is the cooling features that come with the motors of this boat. It helps in preventing overheating and improving performance for the boat.

In short, this is a safe and high-performance boat that you can buy for your children if they like racing. It also comes with a robust design that will excite your children.

Key Features

  • Fun for use in a pool
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with replacement parts

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#3. SZJJX RC Boat

Sometimes it’s good to give your child a boat that doesn’t only give high performance, but that excites them to play with. And this is what SZJJX RC Boat offers. It comes with streamlined and unique designs to give high-performance racing.

The boat comes with 20-25 km/hr – a high speed that your kids will enjoy.

Something else you will love about this boat is a self-righting response that comes with a unique hull design that corrects your boat if there is any need. The Hull is waterproof. It also doesn’t tilt to give a smooth right ride over the water.

And when the boat parts need repair, the ABS materials are smooth to the point they can easily be replaced. They are also strong and durable to deal with the impact and any pressure that could come to the boat as you ride it.

SZJJX RC Boat comes in a large size that makes it perfect for racing in lakes, rivers, small ponds, and pools. It also runs if you keep it in water. This makes it perfectly safe for your kids, regardless of their age.

The 2.4 GHz controller can move the boat in any direction – right, left, backward, and forward. And it’s LCD screen makes it convenient, exciting, or more intuitive.

Key Features

  • Great for racing anywhere
  • Impressive speed
  • Extra battery to keep the boat going for many hours

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#4. Altair AA102 RED RC Boat

We conclude our list with an Altair RC boat – super fast toy that comes with 390-sized brush motors. The motors give a great performance.

The Child Safe Propeller (SCP) won’t allow proper rotation until when it’s submerged underwater. The boat comes with an anti-capsize Hull to prevent it from capsizing when it turns upside down.

And when you are speeding, you won’t worry about how far you can go. The remote control comes with a low battery alarm that indicates when it’s out of range and about to lose power.

With 1500mAh batteries, you are able to power this boat and get fantastic performance.

Key Features

  • Easy to control
  • Powerful 390-Size Brushed Motor
  • 2 7.4V 1500mAH Li-ion Batteries

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#5. Force1 Velocity RC Boat

Here is a boat that will achieve an amazing speed of around 20+ km/hr. With it, you will give your child a powerful racing toy.

Its remote control signal achieves a range of up to 120m. And this boat gives easy and perfect control to give a balance to maintain the speed of the boat.

Some other feature that you will love about this boat is the capsize recovery mode that will prevent the boat from turning upside down. And this will prevent the loss and damage to the boat.

However, when you buy Force1 Velocity, RC Boat uses it only in freshwater. If you use it in saltwater, it will get damaged easily and faster. So, with this boat, your child can enjoy racing on lakes and pools with low debris.

The 2.4GHz remote gives you control over the boat.

Key Features

  • Waterproof
  • Ergonomic design
  • Fast speed through the water

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Factors To Consider When Buying the Best RC Boat Under $100

The following are the key factors that you should consider before choosing any Best RC Boat under $100.

Value for Money

When you think of buying RC boats under $100, the first thing you are tempted to do is look at the price. Yes, price is the first thing that comes into your mind when looking for RC boats under $100.

However, it shouldn’t be the key determinant.

You need to give your money some value by buying an RC boat that will serve you longer and better.

The focus should be on getting features that give the boat great performance.

We recommend that you first consider all the other factors that come with a great RC boat. And once you get these features, you can choose a boat under $100.

If that seems to be a lot of work, don’t worry. All the RC boats shared with you in this article will give you value for your money. Click on the one that appeals to you most and buys it from Amazon now.

User Level of Understanding

Are you buying the boat for your child? You need first to understand whether they have operated another boat before, or this will be their first boat. This will help you choose the best boat to buy for them.

If they are beginners, buy them beginner-friendly boats. These are boats with easy-to-use remote controls. The boats shouldn’t also have fast speed.

But if your child is experienced, there is no need for limiting them. Go ahead and buy a full-performance boat for them.

In short, get a boat that matches the level of expertise of the user.


Boats come with different sailing speed. Most children will love it when their boat can sail at a very high speed. This gives them an upper hand when they go to a race with their friends.

But as we have previously mentioned, get a boat that your child can easily use without crashing it. When it comes to high speed, the child needs to be swift in controlling the boat before capsizing it.


Different RC boats are made with different materials. When you are buying this toy, consider getting waterproof and durable materials.

Boats made with ABS materials sails for many years.

And as you look at durability, you also need to look at other components such as remote control and battery.

Ensure the remote control can last, and the battery doesn’t drain faster.

Most importantly, the boat should be hard enough to withstand impacts and collisions that are likely to happen time overtime when the child is playing.

Water Type

As you buy an RC boat, you also need to think about the water. Some boats won’t function on salty water. And in this case, if you bought them and put them over the salty water, you will easily damage their components.

So, in this case, we recommend you consider the type of water you are using over your place.

Some boats sail well on still waters rather than streams. You need to consider this also.

To be on the safe side, we recommend that you buy a boat that will sail in all kinds of waters. This will help ensure that the boat doesn’t get damaged by any changes. You won’t also have to limit your child on where and how to race with their boats.

RC Boat Accessories

Can you easily get spare parts of the boat? This is a critical factor you should consider before you buy any RC boat.

You should get the batteries and other spare parts easily.

All the above boats, you can easily find their spare parts and accessories. Every time you wish to replace anything, you just order them from Amazon.

Parting Shot

You don’t have to spend much money to buy an RC boat. With less than $100, you will get a strong and effective boat that you can use in your case.

In this article, we have shared with you the top 5 best RC boats under $100. Choose one and buy it from Amazon today.

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