Traxxas Battery Connector Type

The Traxxas Battery Connector Type is a type of connector used to connect batteries together. This connector is typically used to connect two batteries in series, but can also be used to connect multiple batteries in parallel. The Traxxas Battery Connector Type is a safe and reliable way to connect your batteries, and is easy to use.

Whether you’re a first-time RC car buyer or a seasoned veteran, it’s important to know the different types of batteries and connectors available on the market. The most popular type of battery for RC cars is the NiMH (nickel-metal hydride) battery, which offers a good balance of power and runtime. For even more power, you can opt for a LiPo (lithium polymer) battery, but these require special care when charging and storing.

When it comes to connectors, the two most common types are Dean’s and Traxxas. Dean’s connectors are often used on NiMH batteries, while Traxxas connectors are typically used on LiPo batteries. No matter which type of battery or connector you choose, be sure to do your research so you can get the best performance out of your RC car!

Traxxas Id Battery Connector

Traxxas id batteries are high performance, long lasting battery packs that provide power and durability for your Traxxas R/C car or truck. The Traxxas id connector is a simple yet effective way to connect your batteries together in order to get the most out of them. This guide will show you how to properly connect your Traxxas id batteries so that you can take advantage of their full potential.

Traxxas Battery Connector (Male Or Female)

When it comes to batteries, one of the most important things to consider is the type of connector. There are two main types of connectors: male and female. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Here’s a look at the pros and cons of each type: Male Connectors: + More durable since they have more contact points

+ Easier to connect and disconnect – Can be difficult to keep in place if not secured properly Female Connectors:

+ Less likely to come loose or fall out since they fit snugly into the battery compartment

Traxxas Battery Connector Female

The Traxxas Battery Connector Female is a versatile and easy to use connector that is perfect for connecting batteries to your electronic devices. This connector comes with two female connectors that can be used to connect batteries of different sizes and shapes. The connectors are made of high quality materials that ensure reliable and durable connections.

Traxxas Id Connector Female

This is the Traxxas ID Connector Female. It is a 2-pin female connector that is used on various Traxxas vehicles. This connector is used to connect the battery to the speed control or ESC.

It is also used to connect the receiver to the speed control or ESC. The connector can be found on the following products: Traxxas E-Revo Brushless

Traxxas Rustler VXL Traxxas Slash 4×4 Ultimate

Traxxas Battery Connector (2Nd Gen)

The Traxxas 2nd Generation Battery Connector is an updated version of the original battery connector. The update includes a new design that is said to provide a better connection between the battery and the vehicle. The new design also includes a locking mechanism to help keep the connector in place.

Traxxas Adapter Old Trx to Id Battery Connector

If you have an older Traxxas vehicle that uses the TRX battery connector, you can use this adapter to connect it to an ID battery. This is a great way to get more power and performance out of your older vehicle, and it’s easy to do! Just follow these simple steps:

1. Remove the old TRX battery connector from your vehicle. 2. Insert the positive (red) wire from the adapter into the positive terminal on the battery. 3. Insert the negative (black) wire from the adapter into the negative terminal on the battery.

4. That’s it! Your vehicle is now ready to use an ID battery for more power and performance. Enjoy!

What Connector is on a Traxxas Battery?

Most Traxxas batteries come with the standard Traxxas connector. This is a high-quality connector that is designed for use with high-current applications. It is also compatible with other popular connectors such as Deans and XT60.

Do Traxxas Batteries Have Male Or Female Connectors?

Traxxas batteries have male connectors. The reason for this is because the vast majority of Traxxas vehicles come with female connectors. This makes it easier to connect the battery to the vehicle without having to worry about which way the connector is facing.

Does Traxxas Use Deans Plug?

The simple answer to this question is yes, Traxxas uses Deans plugs. In fact, they are the only company that uses Deans plugs exclusively. This is because Deans plugs offer a number of advantages over other types of connectors.

Some of the benefits of using Deans plugs include: 1. Increased conductivity – The copper contacts in Deans plugs have a much higher surface area than other types of connectors, which results in better electrical contact and increased conductivity. 2. Low resistance – The low resistance of Deans plugs means that there is less voltage drop across the connection, which results in more power being delivered to the motor.

3. Durability – The rugged construction of Deans plugs makes them highly resistant to vibration and corrosion, ensuring a long lifespan. 4. Easy to use – The plug and play design of Deans plugs makes them quick and easy to connect and disconnect, even when under load.

Can You Use Other Batteries With Traxxas Cars?

There are a few things to consider when using other batteries with Traxxas cars. The first is the voltage. Most Traxxas cars require a battery with a voltage of 7.2 volts.

Other batteries, such as those used in RC planes or helicopters, may have different voltages. Be sure to check the voltage of the battery you’re using to make sure it’s compatible with your Traxxas car. The second thing to consider is the capacity (mAh).

This is how much power the battery can store and will affect how long your Traxxas car can run on a single charge. A higher mAh rating will mean longer run times, so if you’re looking for extended run times, look for a battery with a high mAh rating. Finally, you’ll also need to consider the size and shape of the battery when choosing one for your Traxxas car.

Some batteries may be too big or too small to fit in your car’s chassis, so be sure to check the dimensions before making your purchase. In general, it’s best to stick with batteries that are specifically designed for use in Traxxas cars. However, if you want to experiment with other types of batteries, just be sure to keep the above factors in mind to ensure compatibility and optimal performance from your car.

How To: Solder a Traxxas RC Connector Like A Pro!


Traxxas Battery Connector Type: The Traxxas battery connector type is a unique and innovative way to keep your batteries securely connected. This system uses a positive locking mechanism that is released by depressing a button on the side of the connector.

This allows you to quickly and easily release the battery without having to remove any screws.

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